Royal Tree Planting

Since this Website was created in the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II, it seemed appropriate to include a page devoted to the historical legacy of ‘royal’ tree planting in the village of Tattenhall.

Thanks to the Woodland Trust, a long forgotten archive is now available online namely ‘The Royal Record of King George VI’s Coronation’. Within its pages is an invaluable record which details all the tree planting undertaken by thousands of schools, parishes, organisations and homeowners in honour of the Coronation of His Majesty King George VI during 1936/7. Tree planting, however modest or grand, was recorded County by County across the United Kingdom, in the British Empire and elsewhere (especially in the United States of America), be it in gardens, parks or public spaces. Moreover, the names of the individuals who planted those trees are also recorded.

There are 2 entries relating to Tattenhall in which a total of 27 trees were planted:

In the garden of Lion House (located on Tattenhall Road and the junction with the Chester Road) a variety of trees were planted by F Moore Dutton Esq.


The trees comprised:

  • 1 cypress (Cupressus Lawsoniana Fletcheri), 1 cypress (Cupressus Lawsoniana), 1 cypress (Cupressus Lawsoniana ‘Triomphe de Boskoop’), 1 cypress (Cupressus Lawsoniana ‘Silver Queen’), 1 cypress (Cupressus Lawsoniana Allumii), 1 cypress (Cupressus Lawsoniana Stewartii), 1 cypress (Cupressus macrocarpa), 1 Deodar cedar (Cedrus Deodara), 1 Picea pungens glauca, 2 Scots fir (Pinus sylvestris), 2 Laburnum Vossii, 1 cherry (Prunus Avium flore pleno), 1 peach (Prunus persica ‘Clara Meyer’), 1 weeping silver birch (Betula verrucosa elegans pendula), 1 box elder (Acer Negundo), 1 maple (Acer palmatum) 1 maple (Acer palmatum atropurpureum), 1 maple (Acer tataricum Ginnala), 3 magnolia (1 Magnolia Soulangiana nigra, 1 Magnolia Lennei, 1 Magnolia stellata), 1 pink thorn (Crataegus Oxyacantha flore pleno roseo), 1 Portugal lauren (Prunus lusitanica), 1 Ancuba japonica.

The history of ‘Lion House’ is located under the ‘Buildings’ section of the Toolbar or simply click on the following link ‘Lion House’.

In the field nearby (presumably this is now the grounds on which the Park School is located, directly opposite Lion House) 

  • 1 horsechestnut (Aesculus Hippocastanum). This was also planted by F Moore Dutton Esq.

Inspired by this archival record, the Woodland Trust is creating a new Royal Record of trees planted for the 2012 Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Tattenhall will be recorded yet again, therefore, with the planting of ‘Jubilee Wood’.

This initiative, led by Tattenhall Wildlife Group, has witnessed the planting of 1200 trees in celebration of the Diamond Jubilee 2012. The trees were donated by the Woodland Trust, the Bolesworth Estate and Cheshire West and Chester Council and planting took place over a number of weekends between late November 2011 and early 2012. Local resident ‘Reg Hewitt’ was charged with planting the ‘Royal Sapling’ and members of the community, including the local primary school, have created a lasting historical and environmental legacy. ‘Jubilee Wood’ was officially opened on Saturday 2 June 2012 by Katherine Dewar, the Chester schoolgirl who designed the Diamond Jubilee emblem.

Katherine Dewar with Graham Spencer (Chair of the Parish Council) at the official opening of ‘Jubilee Wood’ on 2 June 2012. Katherine and Graham are standing beside the ‘Jubilee Wood’ Interpretation Panel.


Tattenhall resident ‘Reg Hewitt’ holding the ‘Royal Oak Sapling’ during planting in early 2012. Reg was charged with the planting of the ‘Royal’ Sapling.


Label of the ‘Royal Oak Sapling’ – over 13 other native Cheshire species were planted


Tattenhall resident ‘Reg Hewitt’ at the opening of ‘Jubilee Wood’ on 2 June 2012.


Tattenhall resident ‘Reg Hewitt’ at the opening of ‘Jubilee Wood’ on 2 June 2012.



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