Gunner Horace Weedon

Gunner Horace Weedon was the son of Horace Oswald Weedon and Sarah Ann Weedon of Tattenhall. The war in North Africa came to an end in Tunisia in May 1943 with the defeat of the Axis powers by a combined Allied force. Ironically, Horace Weedon died on 17 May 1943 during the final offensives near Tunisia. He was 25 years old. It is believed that Gunner Horace Weedon’s parents are shown in the photograph relating to ‘Buildings’ (‘The Nine Houses’).

In Memory



941053, 77 Field Regt., Royal Artillery

Died 17 May 1943

Aged 25

Son of the Horace Oswald Weedon and Sarah Ann Weedon of Tattenhall, Cheshire

Remembered with honour


The campaign in North Africa began on 8 November 1942, when Commonwealth and American troops made a series of landings in Algeria and Morocco. The Germans responded immediately by sending a force from Sicily to northern Tunisia, which checked the Allied advance east in early December. In the south, the Axis forces defeated at El Alamein withdrew into Tunisia along the coast through Libya, pursued by the Allied Eighth Army. By mid April 1943, the combined Axis force was hemmed into a small corner of north-eastern Tunisia and the Allies were grouped for their final offensive.

Medjez-el-Bab was at the limit of the Allied advance in December 1942 and remained on the front line until the decisive Allied advances of April and May 1943.





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