Kingscroft, Burwardsley Road

This image of King’s Croft on Burwardsley Road has come to light, albeit that the property is now known as ‘Kingscroft’, the apostrophe being omitted.¬†Without doubt this original postcard presents the building as an imposing Victorian family house which occupied a fine rural position on the fringe of the village of Tattenhall and which has the hallmarks of a beautiful English cottage garden.

More recent sales particulars (dated February 1982), describe the outbuildings and land as occupying 1.8 acres with a further 2.46 acres of accommodation land available.

King's Croft, Burwardsley Road

King’s Croft, Burwardsley Road

We decided to approach the history of this house in a different way to others that are shown on the Website by examining the ‘1939 National Register‘.

This ‘National Register’ taken on 29 September 1939, listed the personal details of every civilian in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The Register became a critical tool in the co-ordination of the war effort at home and would also be used in the issue of Identify Cards, rationing etc. ¬†

Having issued forms to more than 41 million people, the enumerators were charged with the task of visiting every household to collect the names, addresses, martial statuses and other key details of every civilian in the country, issuing identity cards on the spot.

This ‘Register’ was to be prove invaluable since the 1931 Census was destroyed during an air raid on London and since the 1941 Census was never undertaken whilst the country was at war.

So what does ‘The Register’ reveal about Kingscroft?

In 1939, the Cooke Family lived at Kingscroft and 7 people were recorded in the property:

  • Frank V Cooke was a ‘Company Director’ at the Creamery in Tattenhall – there are also instructions that suggest Frank Cooke would undertake Air Raid Warden duties.
  • Ida Cooke, presumably Frank’s wife, is listed at the house as undertaking ‘unpaid domestic duties’. She too appears to be allocated to ARP (Air Raid Precaution) duties.
  • A daughter, Francis Ida Cooke, was resident (aged 18) and was a ‘Clerk at the Creamery’
  • Kathleen Bancroft (Cooke), born in 1924, is listed ‘At School’
  • Harry Cook (without an ‘e’) is recorded as a ‘Company Director Salesman Creamery’ and was married
  • Elsie M Davenport was also at the house and is described as performing ‘domestic duties paid’.





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