Les Pritchard

Les Pritchard was a stalwart member of the Tattenhall Cricket Club in the late 1920s and 1930s, a period of immense strength for the Club. It was decided to include ‘Leslie (Les) Pritchard’ on the Website because of what is believed to be a unique trophy which was awarded to him on 7 May 1938. In a match between Tattenhall CC and Tarporley CC, Les Pritchard achieved a ‘Hat Trick’ i.e. 3 wickets in 3 consecutive balls.

The trophy is to the right and this may represent (for many) a first opportunity to have sight of it. Whilst the Tattenhall Cricket Club has an excellent Website, the current President of the Club, George Richards, is in agreement that we include this section on the Tattenhall and District Local History Website, the trophy having been given to us for this specific purpose. 

The local press reported very favourably on Les Pritchard during his period with Tattenhall Cricket Club. In the final against Hawarden Bridge at the end of the twenties, for example, and a match in which Tattenhall were victorious, the press reported as follows:

‘with Les Pritchard varying his flight and pace subtly’

‘with Pritchard bowling excellently, Tattenhall always seemed to have the upper hand’

‘Hawarden Bridge found the deliveries of Les Pritchard too much for them’

In that match alone, Les Pritchard achieved the following:

12 overs, 1 madn, 39 runs, 6 wkts

Other statistics throughout the 1930s make good reading:

L Pritchard 7 for 32; L Pritchard 4 for 25; L Pritchard 5 wkts for 17 runs in 6 overs

As the 1930s progressed towards war, the world of sport became increasingly disrupted and village cricket was ultimately suspended. Surrounded by artillery emplacements and with the military making full and almost exclusive use of the ground, the Flacca began to show the scars of war. Even the wooden pavilion did not escape, this becoming a lock up for army defaulters.  

The Tattenhall Cricket Team in the 1930s (Les Pritchard, back row, far left)


At the end of the 1930s and shortly before the outbreak of World War II, Les Pritchard married Lilian Stockton, whose parents lived at Ivy House, Tattenhall. The wedding which took place on Easter Monday 1939 was followed by a wedding reception held at the Barbour Institute. Les went on to become an Aircraft Engineer. Following the death of Les Pritchard in 1970, his wife Lilian attended many Annual Dinners of the Tattenhall Cricket Club, presenting the ‘Les Pritchard Cup’. Regrettably the ‘Cup’ has been missing for a number of years, a recipient having forgotten to return it. So, if anyone has the ‘Les Pritchard Cup’ sitting on a shelf, in a cupboard, on a mantle or just in need of a jolly good clean, then please contact us and we will return it to the Cricket Club for their Annual Awards Ceremony (but only when we have photographed it to go alongside the above trophy). This would be a fitting tribute to a remarkable former bowler of the Tattenhall Cricket Club.

Colour photography by Jude Lloyd-Johnson (see Links)


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