Lieutenant Roger Christian Brierley

Lieutenant Roger Christian Brierley was the youngest son of Dr Thomas Booth Brierley who is featured in the ‘Local People’ section of the Website. Having joined the Cheshire Regiment, 44 year old Lieutenant Roger Christian Brierley fought in the theatre of war known as ‘The Western Front’. He is buried in Flanders Fields, west of Ypres, at Brandhoek Military Cemetery. 

Field ambulances were posted near to Brandhoek and this Military Cemetery is located in a field which adjoined the dressing station. Wounded soldiers were identified when they arrived at the dressing station. It is likely, therefore, that the injured Lieutenant Roger Christian Brierley was brought to this dressing station where he subsequently died. Cemeteries next to field dressing stations are dominated by ‘known graves’. This cemetery has 669 burials from The Great War.

In Memory



6th Bn., Cheshire Regiment
 died age 44
 14 July 1917

 Son of the late Dr. Thomas Booth Brierley and Mary Brierley, of Tattenhall, Cheshire

 Remembered with honour

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