Private Herbert Henshall

Herbert Henshall was the adopted son of the late Thomas Allman and Rebecca Allman. It is likely that his mother was Maria Henshall (a single woman), this entry being on the Baptismal record for the 1 January 1882 at Bickerton. That said, it would appear that the family were agricultural labourers and farm workers in the district. What is confusing are the ages listed on the Census material by the various enumerators – there are certainly inconsistencies (this was quite normal since enumerators made errors in their handwritten recordings). Presuming that Herbert Henshall (the adopted son of Thomas and Rebecca Allman) is one and the same as the Herbert Henshall listed on the Tattenhall War Memorial, then his age at death would have been 33 (not 28). Interestingly, Herbert Henshall’s name is one of the additional names that was added to the War Memorial in 2005 (we have no information as to whom requested this addition).

Information from the Chester Military Museum records reveals that Herbert Henshall joined the 9th Battalion of the Cheshire Regiment and died on 15 November 1915. Their records state that he was 28 years of age. Private Herbert Henshall went to France on the 19 July 1915; joining the Army near the beginning of the War.

He is remembered on the Tattenhall War Memorial and on the Loos Memorial. This memorial contains the names of over 20,000 officers and men who have no known graves – this site was a German strong point. Private Herbert Henshall did not die in a frontal attack but when the Battalion was in the front line at Rue de Epinette, trying to repair trenches that had collapsed due to the heavy rainfall. The water was up to the soldiers’ waists.

Whether Private Herbert Henshall was shot by a sniper or hit by German artillery fire we will never know. 


The Loos Memorial where Private Herbert Henshall is remembered

In Memory



11795 Cheshire Regiment 

9th Battalion

died age 28

15 November 1915

Remembered with honour


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