Rose Cottage, High Street

Occasionally we are given an excellent postcard which many Tattenhall residents will have never seen.

Below is one such postcard which was posted locally – it is franked ‘Tattenhall, 7.15pm, 31 August, 1909’.

Rose Cottage - his postcard is dated 31 August 1909, posted in Tattenhall

‘Rose Cottage’ – this postcard is stamped and dated 31 August 1909 and a ‘Tattenhall’ postmark can be clearly seen on the reverse (particular thanks to John Stoneley for allowing us to reproduce this image on the local history website)


Rose Cottage, located on the High Street, Tattenhall, was the former home and working practice of Rowland Willis. Rowland, born in Tarvin, lived with his wife, Mary, at Rose Cottage. They appear to have had no children.

Rowland Willis was the Relieving and Vaccination Officer for the Tarvin Union (which included Tattenhall) and he was also the local Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths. The opening hours of his practice are clearly displayed on the outside of Rose Cottage in this image (Monday 8am-10am; Tuesday 4pm-6pm; Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 8am-10am; Saturday 6pm-8pm). Civil Registration in England began in 1837.

The building identified as ‘Rose Cottage ‘on both the 1901 and 1911 Census, is still known as ‘Rose Cottage’ today. In 1901 Rowland and Mary Willis had a boarder, Cissie Eccleston, staying with them. She was 19 years of age and was a Milliner’s Assistant. Gertrude Nield from Burwardsley and aged 16 years, was employed by them as a General Domestic Servant. By the time of the 1911 Census, two other young women were staying with Rowland and Mary Willis; Beatrice May who was a ‘lady’s help’ and Fanny Randles (aged just 14) who was their servant.


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