Tattenhall ‘Impeccable’


Ernest Dodd

Tucked in the heart of rural Cheshire, Tattenhall has a long history related to farming and livestock. In the early 1970s a local farmer, Mr Ernest Dodd, who at that time was farming at both Woodhouse Farm and Square House Farm, Tattenhall, was involved in the initial importation of the renowned Charolais beef breed into this country and subsequently purchased ‘Tattenhall Eclipse’.

‘Tattenhall Eclipse’ was to receive international recognition as mother to some of the most significant sires within the Charolais beef breed world. Without doubt, two of her most internationally important offspring were ‘Tattenhall Impeccable’ and ‘Tattenhall Hublot’.

The star rated pedigree bull ‘Tattenhall Impeccable’ was born on 23 October 1973 and was an exceptional example of its type, maintaining the key requirements of masculinity, structural correctness, length, muscle volume, growth and ‘Estimated Breeding Values’. ‘Tattenhall Impeccable’ had a distinguished pedigree history having sired extensively. This bull sired progeny that were to win competitions all over the world and, at his peak, he was recognised to be one of the most significant beef sires in the world. Most of the subsequent top Charolais stock have some ‘Impeccable’ blood in their ancestry. Bred by Mr Dodd, ‘Tattenhall Impeccable’ died of a heart attack in the late 1970s in his ownership.

‘Tattenhall  Hublot’, also bred by Mr Ernest Dodd, went on to become one of the great show champions of the Charolais cattle world. This pedigree bull won every show competition in which he was entered over a two year period, including the Royal Welsh, the Royal Highlands, and The Royal Show, England.

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