Tattenhall Village Sign


The Village Sign is located in the heart of the village at the junction of Tattenhall Road and Chester Road and was unveiled on 27 April 2009 by Councillor Doug Haynes, Freeman of the City of Chester. Video clip courtesy of Chester Chronicle.

The composition and features of the Village Sign are listed below:

      • The upper ring is representative of a ‘Terret Ring’ which was found in the area of the Rookery and which dates back to the late Iron Age (1st Century BC). It was part of a saddle used by the Celts on their chariot horses.
      • Below the ‘ring’ and on either side are the ‘flag of St. George’ (left) and the ‘Rose of England’ (right), symbols of ‘national pride’.
      • The ‘sword’ of the ‘Tatnalle Family’ is featured from whom it is believed that the village took its name or that the family took this as their name from the village itself (the ‘sword’ is also featured on the official Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Coin issued in 2012).
      • The centre of the sign is dominated by ‘St Alban’s Church’; probably the oldest building in Tattenhall and which we are led to believe was also the site of a Roman villa.   This feature, therefore, represents the past and the present as a village settlement.
      • The ‘Elizabethan house’ further represents the history of the village and its built environment.
      • A ‘batsman’ represents sport in village life and the ‘Man and Dog’* adds an artistic dimension.  The features representing the ‘office block’ and the ‘machinery driving wheel’ are in recognition of business in the village.
      • The ‘Remembrance Pillar’ is symbolic of those who have given so much and who have been instrumental in ensuring that the village is as it is.
      • The ‘sheaves of corn’ surrounding the pole represent the historic County of Cheshire together with the ‘squirrels’ that are representative of the village Primary School.
      • Finally, ‘the cow and the calf’ are features indicative of Tattenhall’s rural and farming background.

* In the official documentation relating to the unveiling of the Village Sign dated 27 April 2009, the reference is to ‘the man and his pig’. Specifically, this sculpture if entitled ‘Fetch’ or ‘Man and Dog’ and is by Shona Kinloch. A webpage relating to Anthony Barbour’s sculptural legacy can be viewed under ‘Local People’ on the Toolbar – particular thanks to the Bolesworth Estate for their enthusiastic support in this respect.

The new Village Sign was created by Forge Master, Andrew Smith.

Someone asked me recently if I had an image of the ‘old’ Village Sign – so below is an image of the ‘old’ sign (just for them) …

‘old’ Village Sign, Tattenhall


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