The Nine Houses

9 Houses

The Nine Houses are located at the ‘T’ junction of the High Street, in the centre of the village.

This group of terraced houses, listed in the Tarleton sales particulars of 1821, are described as “Nine New Dwellings and Gardens, in the occupation of Saml Leach, William Lunt, Samuel Spencer, John Spencer, John Hunt, Peter Warburton, Bracy Dod and Jonathan Frances (who holds two dwellings) at £6 6s 0d each per annum.”   It would appear that Thomas Tarleton, therefore, commissioned the building of these houses between 1805-1820 (this is contrary to the entry in FA Latham’s book entitled ‘Tattenhall’ which dates the properties somewhat later). The Tarletons were a family long established in Liverpool. During the 18th century they built up a fortune as West Indies trading merchants and they also owned considerable property in the West Indies. Thomas Tarleton (1753-1820) was the eldest son of John Tarleton and he ‘removed to Bolesworth Castle, Cheshire, about 1790’. Bolesworth was sold in 1826.

By the 1911 Census, property 9A was tenanted by Horace Oswald Weedon and his wife Sarah Ann Weedon and Mr Weedon was listed as an ‘Agent with the Prudential Insurance Company’ by occupation. Interestingly there is a plaque displayed on property 9A in the photograph above (far right) which John Neville Bosley (born in property 9A) believes to be the plaque relating to his Grandfather’s occupation. The plaque has long since been removed. It is likely that the woman in the garden and the man on the bicycle were, in fact, Sarah and Horace Weedon. Interestingly too, 6 individuals were enumerated as living in the property in 1911, including a ‘Boarder’, Mr William Richardson Challinor, who was a Butcher and General Dealer. Mr Horace Oswald Weedon’s son, Horace Weedon, is remembered on the Tattenhall War Memorial having died in World War II (aged 25) near Tunis.

In the above photograph it is also possible to see the corner of the building which is currently Tattenhall Post Office but at the time of this photograph was the ‘Boot Store’ owned by the Bateman family (see Bateman’s Bazaar and Boot Store under the ‘Buildings’ section of the Website).

Property 9A of the Nine Houses also features in the wedding photograph below, with the wedding party sitting on the garden wall of this property.   The wedding is of Ethel Weedon and Joseph Bosley in 1928.

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